About Annette

Annette Kramer, PhD is a business advisor for emerging technology companies and corporate executives in leadership and communication strategies.   Annette’s expertise includes teaching executives to tell their stories with impact as well as developing innovation programmes in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.

Annette began her career in the New York theatre and teaching at Brown University before turning her hand to content development in the early days of the Web. She was one of PwC’s first hires on web consulting when PW merged with C&L. After 8 years, Annette was recruited to advise an American philanthropist on starting a business in London and worked with the early TechCity in innovation.  Among other accolades, Annette is considered the UK’s top pitch mechanic.

Annette’s clients include corporates such as Ogilvy and Reuters, government agencies such as UKTI and InnovateUK, educational institutions such as UCL, Cambridge, and LSE, and tech incubators such as Tech Hub, IDEALondon, Tech City, and Seedcamp. She’s also worked on pitches for contestants in the Dragon’s Den that successfully won investment by impressing the Dragons.

Annette is now considered a thought leader in innovation and leadership. She is one of nine Fellows at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, a Think Tank established by Prince Philip where safe conversations occur involving leading thinkers globally from every discipline.  Annette runs leadership trainings and consultations at St. George’s for companies, educational institutions and charities.

Annette started her career in the theatre which led to a PhD and teaching drama, writing  and critical thinking at Brown University. Her business experience includes 8 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as serving as a non-exec/board member for emerging technology companies.  Annette now helps executives to impress, persuade and inspire their listeners by first honing the strategies that make them powerful leaders.


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