About Annette

Annette Kramer, PhD is a formidable teacher of business communication for those who want to get to the next level or struggle to translate the value of what they do to others.  Often, we don’t know what we really think until we say it.  Only is it possible to test a proposition and its impact.

Annette’s expertise includes teaching executives to tell their stories with impact.  She offers a unique combination of commercial experience and practical techniques usually only available to professional actors.

Annette began her career in the New York theatre and teaching at Brown University before turning her hand to content development in the early days of the Web in New York City. She was one of Pricewaterhouse’s first hires to help expand the brand and develop thought leadership strategies when PW merged with C&L. After 8 years, Annette was recruited to advise an American philanthropist on starting and running a business in London. She now advises corporates, government organisations, universities and charities on creating maximum impact.

Annette is considered a thought leader, perhaps most notably as the advisor to the Cambridge Centre for Social Equality and 1 of 9 Fellows at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, a Think Tank established by Prince Philip where safe conversations occur involving leading thinkers globally from every discipline.  She is a partner in Activate Capital and Global Conversations, has written for Strategy + Business and is quoted in articles about start-up businesses.

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Read about Annette’s business insights with high-growth companies in publications from US Consulting Firm Booz Allen’s award-winning Strategy + Business, Wired.co.uk, Telefonica/O2, BBC Labs and the Indian High Commission’s Entrepreneur Programme.